Frequently Asked Questions

During the initial stages of the making beer, barley, the primary grain used in beer production, undergoes “mashing”. Here is where the magic…science happens. Simply put, mashing takes all the starches out of the barley. These starches are removed from the barley and converted into sugars, which are ultimately fermented into alcohol later on in the beer making process. What’s left over from the “mashing” though, is a barley that has barely any active carbohydrates and a ton of protein and fiber, We simply take that resulting barley, and mill it into flour (we call it “Barely Barley” flour since it has barely any carbs)

We get this question a lot, but definitely not! 

The grains we source are picked up way early in the brewing process before any flavorings, hops, or fermentation takes place. So don’t worry about driving to work in the morning after eating a stack of our pancakes or a waffles. 

We are currently only available at HEB in Texas but soon hope to be on the shelves at a store near you!

Right now, we are donating to a local organization in Boerne, TX—called Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries. They are an incredible group of people...check them out; and if you’re near San Antonio or Boerne, go sign up and volunteer...and tell them we sent you! We also donate to the San Antonio Food Bank. Another tremendous organization that would love your help, no doubt

Our goal is to one day partner with some international breweries and NGOs to help provide jobs and donation avenues to communities in dire need. But there is a lot of work to be done in our very own backyard here in the USA, so if you know of any local food kitchens or food services that are deserving of a premium flour donation, go to the Contact page and tell us about it!

Heck No. Our whole process entails baking the grain and milling it into flour the same day it is picked up. We know….it’s pretty cool. 

Sometimes. Much like almond or coconut flour, Barely Barley Flour just bakes differently than typical flour in some applications because of the lower carbohydrate and gluten content. However, with a little ingenuity, you can create almost anything you can dream of….flour-related of course. I don’t think you can make a pumpkin or car with our flour. But if you can….WE DEFINITELY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. In fact, we want to know about all the recipes you make featuring Barely Barley Flour. Just send us your recipe and you just might get featured on our recipe blog!

As we continue to grow our recipe blog, one of the simplest ways you can use Barely Barley Flour is as a supplement to regular flour. Just about any recipe that calls for flour can have 20-30% of the flour replaced with Barely Barley Flour with little difference in baking. The biggest difference is a more whole-grain flavor and a boost in fiber and protein….oh yea, and WAY fewer carbs.

Short answer: yes! Most of the recipes on our site are actually originally adapted from almond flour recipes. If you find a recipe somewhere else online (when you’re not browsing, of course ;) ) that calls for almond flour, we recommend replacing that almond flour 1:1 with Barely Barley flour, adding an extra egg, and adding an extra 1-2 TBSPs of water for every cup of almond flour replaced. Because of the lower gluten content of Barely Barley Flour, some recipes will end up working better than others.