The Best Low Carb, High Protein Flour

The Best High Protein Low Carb Alternative Flour

The Best Low Carb, High Protein Flour

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, and while most of us are aware of this fact in theory, many people might not understand all of the reasons behind why protein is so important. Many are also shocked to find out that there is a low carb, high protein flour that is eco friendly and tastes amazing!

Simply put, protein is a building block of your body from the inside out, from your bones and organs to your hair and skin. Protein also helps to fight off infections by assisting the immune system in the production of antibodies. Fitness enthusiasts know that protein is essential after a workout because it aids in the repair and overall strength of our muscles.  When it’s not working hard to help you build muscle, it’s strengthening your hair, skin, and nails, and also assisting with other necessary functions of the body. Getting enough protein in your diet is integral to maintaining good health. The catch is that many foods that contain a decent amount of protein are derived from animal products, and an overabundance of animal products in the diet can come with its own set of issues. We certainly aren't advocating against consuming responsibly raised animal products, but variety is the cornerstone of any healthy diet.  Plus, it helps to eat a varied diet to ensure that you’re getting enough of this vital nutrient.  Regardless of diet and if you are someone who is eating a limited amount of animal products for environmental reasons, ethical reasons, or are just looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into an omnivorous diet, you will still want to make sure that you’re consuming an adequate amount of protein.  This is especially true if you maintain an active lifestyle, since protein helps our muscles repair and strengthen after a workout. 

Benefits of a Low Carb, High Protein Diet

We know it can be difficult to follow an alternative diet, but it can also be very rewarding. A low carb, high protein diet has been linked to regulation of blood sugar, reduction of heart disease risk, and increase in overall bone health. The health benefits of this diet completely depend on the types of foods you eat (hint: don’t cut out carbs and replace them with processed foods filled with high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sugars).  But, when included as part of a healthy, whole-foods based diet, a low carb and high protein focused diet has some pretty incredible health benefits.  

In addition to contributing to overall health, a high protein and low carb diet has also been shown to improve weight loss. This is likely due in part to the fact that protein helps your body maintain satiety (a feeling of fullness) for a longer period of time than other foods. Eating protein throughout the day can help you resist the urge to snack on other foods that may not be in line with your health or weight loss goals. 

Whether you follow a keto-type diet to the letter, or just try to reduce your intake of empty carbohydrates and increase your protein consumption as part of an overall healthy diet, chances are you are always looking for ways to make food preparation easier. One way to increase your protein intake with plant based products is through a high protein flour such as spent grain flour. Spent grain flour is a low carb, high protein flour that can help you meet your body’s daily protein needs in a plant-based way, without sabotaging any other dietary concerns you might have. 

How to Use Spent Grain Flour

Spent grain flour can be used for everything from brownies, breads, and pancakes to breading chicken, pork or other meats. It’s super versatile, and has a mild, nutty flavor that lends itself well as an ingredient in many different recipes. In terms of texture, it bakes very similarly to almond flour, but without the nasty environmental impact. Spent grain flour is upcycled from the byproducts of the barley used for beer production. Not only does the production of spent grain keep tons (and we mean that literally - TONS) of food waste out of landfills, but it allows these barley byproducts to be used to make a healthy, high protein, low carb, and high fiber flour that gives consumers an eco friendly option when looking for a wheat alternative flour. Spent grain flour is diabetic friendly and reduced gluten too, so you can enjoy all of your favorite baked goods and “bread”-type foods, guilt free!  And who doesn't get excited to hear that they don't have to give up these foods for good?!

At Grain4Grain, we’ve taken spent grain flour to a whole new level by creating a collection of ready-to-use flour alternatives that lend themselves easily to your cooking needs, no matter your craving. Our products can be used for making everything from pizza crust to pasta to tortillas and baked goods such as muffins, cakes, and cookies. We also have a specialty keto pancake and waffle mix to make a high protein, low carb breakfast treat effortlessly (well, almost. You still need to mix and!)

One of our favorite keto snacks is chicken wings, and we LOVE them with our Grain4Grain Keto Breading, which comes in either lemon pepper (my personal favorite) or chili paprika flavor. Serve with homemade bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce for a healthy and delicious savory treat. 

Spent Grain Flour is Not Only Better for You, but it's Better for the Environment

As if you need any more reasons to give spent grain flour a try, it is much more eco friendly than other alternative flours. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find another alternative flour that is more environmentally or health friendly! Rather than using up already fragile resources such as water and land, spent grain flour takes a product that would otherwise be landfill and turns it into something that is healthy for you and for the Earth. Through this process, it becomes a high protein, low carb flour that is keto, vegan, and reduced gluten, lending itself to all manners of dietary uses. Unlike many alternative flours that wreak havoc on the environment (see our blog post here), spent grain flour is 100% upcycled -- so you can feel good about the effect that it has on both the environment and your health.  

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